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    Should we ban Mormongator for liking KISS?

    Being serious for a moment. We all feel a little superior about our music preferences. And, I admit that many years ago I probably would not have admitted that I liked Lionel Richie’s music. Now, I’m too old to care anymore about what other’s think about my taste in music. Music is powerful. And, it can be enriching or negative, or not much of anything. And, all I know is that whenever I hear Lionel’s song “Three Times a Lady”, I can instantly go back in time to sitting in the car driving down the freeway in Southern California, with my head resting on my guy friend, and this song came on the radio, and I knew this relationship was not going any where. I was sad, but at the same time not heart-broken, even though we loved each other. Music can help imprint certain events in our minds. I have similar imprints with other Lionel Richie songs like Sail On, and Still. And other groups such as The Doobies, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Earth Wind and Fire, the Osmonds (gasp! another group I would have never admitted to liking back in my teen years)— some of their songs can all bring back strong emotions and clear memories.
  2. If what you say is true, then they deserve each other, and they will get their just reward. Let it go. And, even if it’s true, they can repent, and all can be forgiven. It is not up to us to judge, thank goodness. If they are repentant, and they have no obligation to tell you, then they will have confessed all to their church leaders. If church leaders deem they are worthy to attend temple and be sealed, be happy for them. Be happy they are trying to do the right thing in their marriage by being sealed to each other. It is not your call, or your stewardship. Let it go.
  3. classylady

    Moderators Dinner

    Mirkwood wasn’t the only man on our side of the table. My husband, Classygent, sat on our side. And, thanks to him, he’s the one who suggested the photo and snapped the picture.
  4. classylady

    Moderators Dinner

    Just a bunch of rapscallions.
  5. classylady

    Moderators Dinner

    Can you guess who’s who? I’ll tell you who’s there, and you can try and guess who we are. Pam, classylady, JustAGuy, Estradling, Neurotypical, and Mirkwood are the mods in the the photo.
  6. classylady

    Should we ban Mormongator for liking KISS?

    I can’t help liking Lionel Richey. His songs bring back so many memories of old boyfriends. Ssh! Don’t tell Classygent what I just told you. 😊
  7. classylady

    Should we ban Mormongator for liking KISS?

    Should we ban Mirkwood for disliking KISS?🤪 Ha ha! I’m all over the spectrum when it comes to music. Last week, for the piano, I bought Twenty-one Pilots “Stressed Out”, and Lionel Richie’s Anthology of Music.
  8. classylady

    Pineapples on Pizza?

    Hawaiian pizza is my favorite! Yummy Canadian bacon with pineapple. The cheese is ooey gooey, and everything goes smoothly together. Mushrooms and olives are great on pizza too.
  9. classylady

    A great forum

    @priesthoodpower, I’m hoping all goes well for you. We have all made decisions or mistakes and have had to live with the consequences. I’ve made some pretty bad decisions in my life. In my circumstance, the consequences are hard to live with. But, this I do know, Jesus Christ has atoned for all of our sins. In the past, I would get really depressed about my sins and felt I had let my Savior down. What I have learned over the years, is that we all sin, and our Savior will only be disappointed if we don’t repent. I’ll be praying for you.
  10. classylady

    Life Everlasting?

    I read the book years ago. The book was and still is significant to me because of the death of several of my loved ones. I don’t know how close to doctrine it is, but it still brought comfort.
  11. I have a book called “Scriptural and Secular Prophecies Pertaining to the Last Days” or shorter version of title is “The Last Days” compiled by Robert W. Smith and Elisabeth A. Smith. It was first published in 1931. My copy is a 10th addition. The publishers are Pyramid Press. The authors cite writings by D. A. Latimer “Opening of the Seven Seals.” “He calls attention to the events of the world as given by John in Revelations, explaining the opening of the Seven Seals as opening various stages of the World’s history; interpreting the Half Hour of silence in heaven referred to by John as indicating years, working on the assumption that a year with the Lord is 1,000 years”... he also mentions the date scales of the Great Pyramid. “Here follows a short excerpt from his interpretations: At the end of the Sixth Seal the sun is to be blackened, the 144,000 are to be sealed, there will be a great earthquake, stars will fall from heaven, heaven depart as a scroll and every mountain and island be removed out of their places. Four angels shall come with power over the earth to save life and to destroy, they will have the everlasting Gospel to preach to every nation, then another will seal the 144,000 before the earth and the sea shall be hurt, Elias will come to gather the tribes of Israel; kindreds, people and tongues will stand before the throne of the Lamb. (This is to be at the close of the 6th thousand years or soon in our time.) Then next comes the terrible disasters of the half-hour or twenty-years: 1/3 of the trees are to be burnt up; 1/3 of the ships of the seas, destroyed; 1/3 of the waters to be turned into wormwood; 1/3 part of the sun and moon to be smitten; locusts to torment men. Battle of Armageddon to be fought; 1/3 part of men to be killed. Then after Lightning’s, thunders, earthquakes and great hail, Christ will come in power at the head of the armies of Heaven.” I noticed the publishers have another book called “Opening of the Seven Seals” with a Chart of “Time and Eternity” by David A. Latimer. I’m assuming the compilers in my book took their information from this second book. Hope this helps.
  12. classylady

    I need a word

    Reminds me of “I am Legion.” Kraken Leviathan
  13. classylady

    Temple work for excommunicated

    When my husband received his Sealing Cancellation letter from the 1st Presidency he did not have to return it. That was in 2014. Also, it did mention that the children would retain their blessing of being born in the Covenant. It did not say the children would go with the father, but it would be decided in the next life and all will be conditional upon personal worthiness and individual agency.
  14. I grew up in St. George. I have two sisters and a son who lives there so I go there on a regular basis. For me, it’s the heat that I can’t handle. I suppose if I stayed in a nice air conditioned house all day I would be able to survive. But, it’s only really hot about three months out of the year. The rest of the year the weather is great so outdoor activities are easily done. It’s not the same little town I grew up in. Traffic can be bad. If you learn how to bypass certain roads then getting around isn’t so bad. The hospital is top-notch and shopping is good. Hope this helps.
  15. classylady

    Feed your soul

    Playing the piano was my way of calming myself and feeding my soul for many many years. After my daughter died in a car accident fifteen years ago I could hardly touch the piano. She played beautifully and whenever I sat down to play it became too emotional for me. What used to be my solace now only brought pain. But, this past November, I dont know what changed within me. I had the burning desire to play again. I started with Christmas music. And it has become a great blessing to me to be able to play again. I'm trying to get my skills back. I play on average about two hours a day. Sometimes three. It is bringing me a lot of joy and peace to be able to sit at my piano and pour my feelings out in the music I play. Sometimes the tears stream down my face and I hope no one in the family notices. Spending that much time at the keyboard keeps me away from watching television or other useless things. I manage my time more wisely in order to get my time in. And my skills are improving.
  16. When my husband and I were sealed, and then had our 1-year old son sealed to us, my two step-children ages 3 and 5 were able to witness the sealing of their half-brother to my husband and me. That was quite a few years ago. But, very easy to get permission. Talk to your bishop. I don’t know if it makes any difference, but in our circumstance, my husband had custody of his two children, so the children were living in the same household and we all had the same bishop.
  17. classylady

    Consumption Sequence Theory

    With my OCD tendency’s a little reprogramming might be beneficial.
  18. classylady

    Consumption Sequence Theory

    For M&Ms and skittles, I eat least favorite flavor/color first. I like to save the best for last! If it’s a large bag of candy I take a handful , separate them, eat those, and then take another handful. For a small bag, I separate the bag of candy into respective favorite colors and then eat them. If for some reason I don’t separate my candy, I feel strange eating them randomly. I must be a little OCD.🤔
  19. I’ve had some of the same questions. For me, it just naturally occurs. After an incident where someone needs prayers I’m very good at remembering them in my prayers. But, over time, as the incident fades, whether the person is healed or not, my prayers for them seems to dwindle and I don’t pray for them as I once did. Then, if they are brought back to my mind, I might pray for them again on a more regular basis and then it fades again. It’s like a cycle. I don’t let it bother me too much. I tend to think that the Spirit is in charge and when the individual is brought to my mind, that is the Spirit whispering to me to include them in my prayers. Plus, I do ask to be spiritually in tune so I will know what and whom to pray for.
  20. I dress the same way at home as I do out in public. Because I’m an endowed member my clothing is modest. Because of that, the shorts I own are knee shorts. All my shirts have sleeves. I do have some tank tops, but I wear those under particular shirts that are slightly see-through. It helps them become modest. As for asking your wife if she was going to get changed, IMO, it depends on how you worded it. If my husband tells (orders) me to change my clothes, or, if he words it in such a manner that I’m put on the defensive, I’m going to resist the suggestion and be somewhat defiant. I don’t like being told what to do.😏 If he asks me in a nonchalant voice “is that what you’re wearing?” I will take a look at what I’m wearing and decide for myself if I need to change.
  21. classylady

    Where are your strengths?

    My strengths: Desire to be spiritually inclined. I’ve always had a desire to know spiritual truth. I read the Old Testament and the other Standard Works as a young teenager. I’ve read my scriptures and said my prayers consistently since then except for a few years right after getting married. My husband didn’t read the scriptures or say his personal prayers and I decided if he didn’t I wouldn’t also. Well, he never has read the scriptures or said personal prayers on a consistent basis, and I decided my testimony depended on me, not him, so I went back to my regular daily scripture study and prayers about 30 years ago. I see the positive in people. I rarely see negatives in people until it’s pointed out to me. Then, I wish I wasn’t told because now I see their negative points. There are very few people I don’t like. It takes a lot for me to not like someone. I genuinely love people and I love to see them succeed. My testimony! I’ve had a sure witness from the Holy Ghost and cannot deny it. I’m not afraid to get in front of people and give talks or teach. I think I’m a good teacher. My favorite calling is as a Relief Society teacher. I did my VT on a regular basis and enjoyed it. I have no problem with the hierarchy of the church. I sustain my leaders and pray for them. My weaknesses: I tend to want to be lazy and procrastinate. I put off preparing my SS or Primary lessons until the last minute. I don’t volunteer to bring in meals or other service projects like I should. Sometimes I question if the Savior can really understand the emotions of women. And, I have questioned Heavenly Father on how men have treated women throughout the ages. I have come to my own conclusions that seem to follow the Gospel plan. But, it is scripture according to Classylady, not revealed doctrine.
  22. classylady

    Mormons and Bikinis

    I love my new tankini I bought this year. It’s modest. Doesn’t show any midriff, and it has the shorts instead of a bikini bottom. What I’ve disliked about one-piece swimwear is whenever I had to use the restroom, the whole swimsuit would have to be peeled down to your knees/ankles and I’m praying no one is peeking through the gaps in the bathroom stalls, or little children don’t decide to crawl under the stall doors, as they like to do while mom is using an adjoining stall.
  23. Did the same thing. Except I was an older teen. My oldest sister (10 years older than me), decided that liver was a good thing to eat during her pregnancy. I was staying at her house for an extended time during the summer and whenever she fixed liver I would discreetly put it in my jeans pocket and then later feed it to her dog. I was very grateful for that dog!
  24. classylady

    Top 5 Countries you have Visited

    1. Germany. Where I went on my mission. I love the castles along the Rhine and the food. I love the German people. They will be a friend for life, but they need to get to know you first before the friendship can blossom. 2. Italy. Love the friendliness of the people. I love history and ancient cultures. Pompeii was fascinating and love all the Roman ruins. Even though we were there in late September and early October last year, the lines were still awful. The museums are wonderful. 3. France. I know there is a lot of negativity about Paris, but I love it. The museums and Versailles are a must see. 4. Greece. Good food. Great ancient ruins to visit. Fairly inexpensive. 5. South Korea. It’s the only Asian country I’ve visited. Visiting the DMZ was sobering. I loved watching a Korean play. The music in it was beautiful. I’ve had dental work done there. Lots less expensive than here in the States. Runners up: Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Canada, Mexico, and Liechtenstein (which you can see in less than a day). On my bucket list: Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia.