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  1. That is what I would do. I would email them and explain the situation. Right now, there may not be a close family match, but more and more people are getting their DNA done and, who knows, a close family match might just show up on Ancestry in the future. Best of luck to you, Bini. I’m hoping you can get some good results and that it won’t take years and years. BTW, I did my DNA with Ancestry. I have a lot of close matches, sister and 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, etc. it’s fascinating. I’m thinking that this may be a fairly new idea in the Philippines and not many people have started to request their DNA from there yet. Plus, the cost could be a deterrent. I wanted to do mine years earlier but could never justify the cost. My kit was also a gift.
  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve read Tolkien. It’s time to pull out my books and reread them. I don’t know how any of you remember any of what you posted. My husband has a good memory for detail. I’m lucky if I remember the gist after I finish the last page.
  3. JAG, could you explain what you just wrote? Forgive my ignorance, but, I’m not sure what the abbreviations mean. Thanks.
  4. At first glance I preferred Pres. Eyring’s signature. I like the flowery looks of it. But, as I looked at Pres. Nelson’s signature the cleanness of it appealed to me. The only letter that jars at me is his R. It looks a little sloppy. I’ll chalk that up to his age. As I’m getting older my signature isn’t as nice as it used to be.
  5. I’ve been writing my father’s history for my family and I want to include his priesthood line of authority. He was a Seventy when he passed away. Would I request the line of authority from his Seventy ordination or would I request the line of authority from his Elder ordination? Or should I request both? I was pleased to see that we can request the priesthood line of authority for our deceased family (also you can request your own) by an email sent into church headquarters. Just go to for instructions on how to request it. My father died when I was six years old so I have very few memories of him. He didn’t keep a journal, and we only have a few letters that he wrote my mother. So, there is very little information on him. Unfortunately, we never had his siblings write any of their memories of him. They are now all deceased, so is my mother. I’m getting my older siblings to write down their memories. This has been an emotional experience for me. I’ve gained a greater appreciation for him and I’m hoping my children and grandchildren will get to know him through this history.
  6. I used to attend church in the original building back when I was a kid. I am deeply saddened by this.
  7. I believe your bishop was inspired.
  8. Today, if a woman is sealed to a man, as long as the woman has not been excommunicated, her illegitimate child/ren would still be born in the covenant. The children are protected by the sealing covenant. If the woman has been excommunicated then the children would not be born in the covenant.
  9. One other idea to consider, even though Tamar and Bathsheba conceived out of wedlock, if they were sealed to their first husband, (no mention of excommunication) their illegimate children would still be considered born in the covenant. If Ruth was sealed to either her first or second husband, her offspring would be born in the covenant. So, Jesus’ lineage is of covenant lineage. The same with Joseph and Mary’s also.
  10. When our daughter died my husband’s ex-wife came to the funeral. It made it uncomfortable for us and other family members. After that my husband wrote an email to his ex detailing certain boundaries he would like to see implemented. In the letter he requested that she not attend any more funerals of his family. He then explained that it was uncomfortable when she attended our daughter’s funeral, and told her the reason he did not attend her mother’s (ex-mother-in-law) was so she and her family could grieve without any distractions. My husband’s son came from out of town to attend his grandmother’s funeral, and we would have loved to have seen him while he was in the area, but didn’t want to take away from their family time and mourning together. It just seemed inappropriate. So we did not visit him while he was here. As to forgiving the ex-wife, forgiveness does not require you to be in the presence of someone who has been a toxic entity in your life. It does mean you should be civil, especially since children are involved. But, forgiveness does not mean you trust that person. And, unfortunately, we do not forget, even if we would like to. We have to protect ourselves from a toxic person. And, even though she may have been toxic in your personal life, doesn’t mean she is toxic to your children or other family members. It becomes a fine line that needs to be tread, and can be difficult. My husband has been divorced for nearly 40 years and there are still consequences and repercussions from the prior marriage. Sigh. There are times when we just ignore her as much as possible without being rude or uncivil. We try to be Christlike, but that does not mean she is welcome at husband’s family functions. My stepdaughter would like to bring her mother to every activity we have. That’s another story. My husband has also needed to talk to his daughter about boundaries. Good luck!
  11. Wonderful! I would be a proud momma, indeed.
  12. I might be able to get back up there. About what time do you need to leave for the airport?
  13. This year in our ward we combined the 12 and 13 year olds, which I teach, and the 16 and 17 year olds. Love teaching my class. We have about 20 kids on the rolls (12/13 year olds), but the most we have show up is occasionally 12. Usually we have 8 to 10 in class. We have quite a few kids that go back and forth every other weekend to their dad/mom. There is a condo complex in our ward that has a lot of single parents living in them. The SS Presidency combined our class because there always seemed to be some sort of mix up with the 13 year old teachers, either one of the team didn’t show up, or they didn’t have a second teacher called, and the kids were beginning to skip their class. So, they combined the 13 year olds into our class, where the 13 year olds often were put anyway when they didn’t have their teacher. I’m thinking it helped that age group to feel like they belonged and gave them some continuity. Plus, I had taught that age group before and they know me. I have one girl who says she doesn’t want any other teacher but me and my team teacher. Hopefully, we can get her to move on. I love those kids, and tell them that every Sunday. It surprises me that these kids like this fuddy-duddy grandma. My team teacher is a younger woman who is expecting her third baby next week. I’m not sure if they will release her or find a substitute. She is wonderful with the kids. But, she plans on staying home during the next couple of winter months after the birth of her newborn because she’s afraid of exposing the baby to viruses.
  14. Love all the Star Trek series. Especially love Voyager. I just wish I didn’t have to defend Voyager to the haters. I haven’t figured out why Voyager is derided so much. Is it because the captain is female? What’s everyone’s take on this? Why the dislike for Voyager?
  15. More often than not the moderators are very much aware of the trolls that come on this site. There are many posts that never get approved. We’ve seen some doozies!!! Some of it is pure filth. Unfortunately, until the rules are broken, they are allowed to speak their minds. This reminds me of Korihor in the Book of Mormon, Alma 30: starting with verse 6 “...there came a man into the land of Zarahemla, and he was Anti-Christ, for he began to preach unto the people against the prophecies which had been spoken by the prophets...Now there was no law against a man’s belief;... 9 Now if a man desired to serve God, it was his privilege; or rather, if he believed in God it was his privilege to serve him; but if he did not believe in him there was no law to punish him.... 11 Nevertheless, there was no law against a man’s belief; therefore, a man was punished only for the crimes which he had done; therefore all men were on equal grounds. 12 And this Anti-Christ, whose name was Korihor, (and the law could have no hold upon him) began to preach unto the people that there should be no Christ. ...” The people of Ammon (Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s), which I liken to the stalwarts on this site, were more wise than many of the Nephites; and carried him to the high priest over them. And Korihor was removed from their land. Usually, the trolls eventually say something that breaks the rules and they will be banned. I’m so appreciative of the stalwarts on this forum who stand for truth and righteousness and do not waiver. You are all saints and angels in my eyes. @Grunt,you are loved. You have been a breath of fresh air. Your posts have been a reminder that there are true seekers out there. Sometimes, we can get a little bit cynical when someone comes to the forums with an “honest” question, and then they become a troll. Thank you, for allowing us to be part of your conversion story. The gospel is true! I know it with every fiber of my being. I cannot deny the witness of the Holy Ghost that has confirmed to me the truthfulness of this church. I’m grateful to all of you on these forums who are not afraid to speak up in defense of the church and our leaders.
  16. I have learned a lot since I started reading the forums. The anti’s are bothersome and I so appreciate those on these forums who know how to answer their garbage in a knowledgeable manner. What has helped me, is to disengage and not become emotionally charged with their claims. Sometimes this can be difficult. If there are certain posters you know who have a negative tendency, I believe there’s a way you can block them from appearing in your feed. We would hate to see you go. But, you need to do what is best for you. What I have learned from reading some of the negativity, is that my testimony is strong and it hasn’t waivered. My testimony has been strengthened. I have a handful of family members who have gone through a crisis of faith, and I have been able to help them by many of the things I have read on these forums. If I had not waded through some of the negative posts I would not have known how to answer their questions. For that, I’m extremely thankful.
  17. We were very well behaved. Wink. Wink. My hubby was there too. And all he wants to talk about is Amature (Ham) Radio. Since he knew Grunt has his license he was all excited to meet him. That really wasn’t what we talked about most of the time. We heard Grunt’s conversion story in wonderful detail.
  18. It was a real pleasure meeting you. It had been awhile since I had gone through the Church History Museum. President Eyring’s art exhibit was wonderful. It had also been several years since I had toured the Conference Center. Looks like you made it to the Church Office Bldg., theJoseph Smith Memorial Bldg., Beehive House, and This is the Place Monument. You were busy!
  19. I have been doing some research since I read your post. I can find very little information. The only info I can find is by Bruce R. McConkie. In his book Mormon Doctrine, he states that most devils, demons, or evil spirits are those spirit beings cast out of heaven for rebellion. So far, that agrees with what you state. However, under Spiritualism in his book, as he talks about mediums and seances, he states “In most instances, however, such spirits as manifest themselves are probably the demons or devils who were cast out of heaven for rebellion. [and then he says] Such departed spirits as become involved in these spiritualistic orgies would obviously be the spirits of wicked and depraved persons who because of their previous wickedness in mortality had wholly subjected themselves to the dominion of Lucifer. Righteous spirits would have nothing but contempt and pity for the attempts of mediums to make contact with them.”... So, according to him there could be wicked departed spirits who interact with the living. I know his book isn’t authorized by the church, but I have great respect for Bruce R. McConkie. I have always been under the understanding that wicked departed spirits could interact with the living. I just have no authoritative documentation. All I know is that we should not dabble in the occult in any manner. It is dangerous and will harm our spiritual selves, and possibly our physical selves.
  20. Same here, Anddenex. I have had experience while on my mission.
  21. My husband and I will meet you. Let me know when. I’ll message you my phone number.
  22. Such a sad experience. I’m so grateful for the atonement. Some day this will all be resolved by our loving Savior.
  23. So happy for you and your boys. I was so appreciative of my husband whenever he performed Priesthood blessings or ordinances for our children. Your boys were blessed to be able to have you, their father, baptize them.