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Were they shopping for surgical supplies? Army tents? Lingerie?

Speaker wire to install in his home. Stainless steel deck screws. Gardening supplies. Washers/o-rings for the faucets. Cleaning supplies.

For the last three years I worked there, and then for the 2 years I worked at the local grocery store - he was a regular shopper.

I see him at Fred Meyer & Walmart quite often now.

One time when David was in the hardware store he was looking for washers. I asked him what project he was doing. He got snooty and implied that I wouldn't understand. So, I dragged him to the gardening sections, showed him the washers there, then to the electrical dept. Kitchen appliances (blenders use washers), to the bolts/screws etc. ~ metal washers there, finally to the plumbing. He apologized to me and said that he needed washers for the leaky faucets in his house.

Ah, another dilemma ~ all faucets use different washers/o-rings. He went home and brought me the hot water innards to every faucet in the house.

After about the 5th visit to the store - he acted like I was a celebrity hound. To be honest, I am not. So I asked him how he put his pants on. Before he could answer, I asked him to think about it first. Before he left the store he sought me out and asked me for the answer.

Feet first, just like EVERYONE else. A few months later David came in with Jamie Farr. I was in the back store room. The cashier called over the PA system that I was needed at the front.

When I got there, Jamie Farr was standing there. He grinned, asked me if I was the one who so pointedly put David in his place? I didn't exactly know what he was talking about - so he said - Feet First. He shook my hand, gave me a hug, & then they left. Both of them laughing and repeating Feet First.

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From Church:

President Gordon B. Hinckley

President James E. Faust

Elder Scott

Elder Oaks

Elder L. Tom Perry

Elder Ballard

Elder Andersen

Elder Holland

Elder Groberg

Elder Amado

Elder Vinas

Elder Zivic


Tina Turner

Ricky Martin

Phil Collins

Enrique Iglesias

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How deeply disappointing to find a fanatically egotistical, unbelievably rude blowhard who took delight in embarrassing professors in front of their grad students and seemed intent on letting everyone around him know that he was a very great deal smarter than they or anyone else in the room were. I suppose maybe he was just having a bad week. (But I don't think so.)

No. You nailed him.

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Those that I can remember meeting or seeing at a distance:

Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster)

Pat Priest (Marilyn Munster)

Adam Savage (Mythbusters) On a flight from SFO to SLC

Jamie Hyneman (Mythbusters) Same flight, sat right in front of me. He gave up his first class seat to a female friend, she may have been part of the show

Gordon Jump (WKRP in Cincinnati, Maytag man, old temple endowment film)

Avard Fairbanks (Sculptor) My great uncle

Wayne Osmond, married a classmate of my husband

Joe Cannon (Geneva Steel, Utah politician)

Chris Cannon (Geneva Steel, Utah politician) related by marriage

President Thomas S. Monson

Ronald Reagan, prior to him being governor of California and president of the US. But maybe this doesn't count since it was at a parade in Elk Grove, CA (suburb of Sacramento) I was a child and I still remember him in that parade.

Governor Calvin Rampton (UT politician) he was my husband's ex-wife's attorney when we went to court concerning visitation rights of children

I worked at the Church Office Building in SLC (1977-82) and saw many of the general authorities on a regular basis.

Kody (Sister Wives). Came into Cabela's while I was working there. I wouldn't have known who he was except that a coworker pointed him out to me.

While working for an airline company I talked to Beyonce' Knowles (Singer), and Markie Post (actress NightCourt) on the phone, so I don't know if that counts.

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No. You nailed him.

The next year, we had a guy who won the Nobel in physics for inventing the scanning tunneling microscope. Nicest guy you would ever want to meet (I'm embarrassed I don't remember his name). We decided that experimental physicists were just nicer than the theoretical guys.

EDIT: Heinrich Rohrer. Peach of a guy. Friendly, engaging, unfailingly polite, and probably just as smart as Gell-Mann. (Oh, but he didn't invent The Eightfold Way and didn't cleverly name a particle a "quark" after a line in Finnegan's Wake, "Three quarks for Muster Mark!", thus demonstrating both his rapier wit and his broad, impressive literary background, so that cannot possibly be true, I suppose.)

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Ken Jennings worked in the same building I did until he won so much money on Jeopardy he quit that job. He holds the record for the longest streak of wins and the most money won. He won over 3M on Jeopardy. And he's Mormon. :)

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Hmmm....for you Trekkers out there,

I have attended Trek events with Mary Rice (who played T'Pring at age seven), and Craig Richard Nelson (who played the Inspector in TNG: "A Matter of Perspective").

Although they are not technically "paid" gigs (they collect money for autographs and photos instead of being paid to appear), I've knocked elbows with Tim Russ (Tuvok), Herb Jefferson, Jr. (the REAL "Boomer" from Battlestar Galactica) and several others.

I've also lately been trading emails and messages with BJo Trimble.

Best and most important of all- my daughter still text messages me. ;)

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Sang with a group for President Kimball in his apartment.

Elder Ballard was my bishop. His daughter one of my best friends till they went on a mission to Toronto.

Elder Nelson performed my marriage.

Jon Huntsman Sr. was my stake president.

Elder LeGrand Richards was in my ward.

My husband's grandma wrote two of the most well known Primary songs. My own great-grandpa wrote a song in the hymnbook but I never met him.

My dad was very close to President McKay (can't divulge in what capacity) but I don't remember meeting him in person. He died when I was pretty little.

Despite all that, I'm no better than the humblest little member of the church in the most remote part of the world. Who you know doesn't necessarily make you a more qualified or quality member of the church. In fact it can be a hindrance if you place too much importance on those kinds of things.

I think I saw "what's his name" when I was in Nauvoo who was in Where the Red Fern Growsand was the first young Joseph Smith and (also a part in the temple movie).

Saw Billy Joel in concert when he was only the pre-show. Saw Elton John in concert in London. Saw Yule Brenner in "The King and I" in London.

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I used to live in LA and had a few friends in "Hollywood" so I have met quite a few celebrities (mostly D list 80s sitcom stars - 10 years after the fact) at various charity events and functions. Another friend was the personal assistant to the adult child of a very VERY famous celeb, and touched a movie prop worth over a million dollars (to my friend's chagrin).

I see a various celebrities at Disneyland (have had a pass for over 10 years) maybe 1 out of every 8 visits. They're sometimes incognito, but usually they have a special guide that leads them around, and gets them on the rides without waiting in like. They're easy to catch since their outfits are plaid so we call them "the plaids" and whenever we see one, we see who they are protecting. One day I was practically stalking Adam Sandler. I ran into him like 5 times, once almost crashing into him at the bathroom. You tend to see a lot of Disney/ABC stars there too.

Oh, and a past Relief Society General president Elaine Jack was in my ward, and my friend was in the ward of Boyd K Packer, and my cousin was sealed in the temple by Dallin H Oaks. My mom was on some general church boards in the 70s so knew them all. We have a picture of her with about 40 men (kind of like a school class picture). She is right in the middle of the second row. The 12 apostles and first presidency were in the front row.

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One day I was practically stalking Adam Sandler. I ran into him like 5 times, once almost crashing into him at the bathroom.

I knew a guy at BYU who saw President Hinckley in the bathroom in the basement of the Wilk once. A bunch of us were there bowling, and didn't even know that President Hinckley was scheduled to be on campus. My friend Chris had to go to the bathroom, and when he came back, he was like, "soooo, something really awkward just happened..." He said it was a really weird way to see the prophet.

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Muhammad Ali, Charlton Heston (bumped into me in a store and said excuse me), Clint Eastwood, Kristi Yamaguchi, numerous local (Utah) news media members, all of the Utah Jazz players/coaches from the Stockton/Malone era, all the Purdue athletic department staff from the 70's, Sonny Bono, Louis Freeh (FBI Director), a Japanese ambassador whose name I can't remember, Morgan Fairchild, Jerry Schicting (NBA), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Earl Nightingale, I'm sure there are some others I've met over the years. Not to mention several GA's, apostles and two prophets. Someone in that last group might have gotten pulled over for speeding. :)

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Oh oh oh..how could I forget this. I performed in the choir for the Stadium of Fire in Provo three years ago when Carrie Underwood was the performer and Lou Diamond Phillips was the MC. At one point I was only about 3 feet away from both of them.

My sister (john doe's wife) and nieces performed as well.

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my sister (john doe's wife) and nieces performed as well.

you're related to john doe?!!! the john doe?!!! And you didn't think to tell us on a thread about knowing famous people until just now?!!!

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