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    When I see the good that some of Trump's choices have done, e.g. Gorsuch, and consider the obvious and often heavy bias that the political left and the Democrat-cheerleading media have consistently shown against conservatives and toward leftist causes for more than half of my lifetime, I start to wonder if acting and talking smart/presidential is as much a virtue as I have always believed. I'm pretty sure I'll take a foul-mouthed, boorish Trump over literally anyone the Democrats are likely to offer, including (perhaps especially) Mike Bloomberg.
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    And they're EVEYWHERE! The other day I took one of those online questionnaires to see where my stance on major issues compared with the candidates. A Bloomberg ad popped up while the results were loading. 😳 The conundrum is that a Sanders nomination will make moderate Dems more likely to sit out the election, but Bloomberg may do the same for black and farther left voters. He really is the closest thing to Trump that the Dems could put on the ticket, and I think he may be the one blue candidate that many of us would struggle to vote for, even more so than Hillary. If Bloomberg wins the nomination, then a case could be made that the party is broken and needs to be reset. The same was true for the GOP when Trump won the nomination, and it'll be interesting to see how that party copes with the post-Trump identity crisis that is bound to happen.
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    It’s sounding like Bloomberg back in the 1990s was documented saying some rather inappropriate things about women. They’re peanuts compared to what Trunp has said and done; but I think they’re troublesome enough that the Dem base, having thoroughly yoked itself to #metoo, is going to have a hard time falling in line behind Bloomberg—especially in light of the other obstacles @Godless has mentioned. If they do manage to fall in line . . . I’d be worried. Bloomberg’s ads have been very, very good. The hope for Trumplings and conservatives, as I see it, is that to the degree that Bloomberg is running against Trump personally—he’s running against the Trump of 2016 (deconstructing the narrative of Trump as a successful, get-things-done, pragmatic, not-your-ordinary-politician, man-of-the-people; and presenting himself as someone who actually did come up middle-class, is twenty times richer than Trump, and never lost a billion dollars in bankruptcy, to boot). But the recent SOTU positions the Donald Trump of 2020 will have moved on to the narrative of a successful President who has checked dangerous extremists at home and abroad, and under whom life is better for all Americans. In short, Bloomberg looks to be falling into the trap of campaigning for the last election.
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    The trinity = the family

    Honesty given the standard Christian understanding of the Garden and the Fall... I am surprised that more do not have that attitude. I mean think about it. The ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL God sets up a plan. In spite of God being all Knowing and all Powerful, Satan scores a major victory and disrupts God's plan. God either can not or will not fix it and put it back on track the way he originally intended.. and so we all suffer because of what Satan convinced Adam and Eve to do.. until God can be bothered to finally fix things again. Just talking for myself but I would have a hard time having faith and worshiping such a God as described. Which is I think why modern revelation has pushed back so hard on the Adam and Eve story. It make much more sense that the All Knowing, All Powerful God had a plan. A plan totally capable of handling Satan's plots and any choice Adam and Eve made. Satan failed to stop it, Adam and Eve made a choice and God revealed the next step showing how it was going to dealt with. We are exactly where God in his wisdom and foresight planned for us to be... and his plan for us is perfectly capable of handling any choice we might make as well. So the question isn't 'Is God going to handle it?' Or 'How is God going to handle it' or even 'When is God going to handle it?' but rather 'What choices are we going to make?'
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    I see your point Vort, I do. As a family we just finished our Sunday family lesson, with 4 boys/teenagers, preparing ourselves for the bicentennial conference. We had some serious and spiritual discussions. Besides stumbling upon the above trailer, which honestly gave our 4 boys a little intrigue and 'help' capture their attention a little longer, we also watched an even better video:
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    New Handbook

    Wednesday is going to be a very busy day.
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    New Handbook

    Find out later this week
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    Yeah, I get leery of the "my Holy Spirit is better than your Holy Spirit" argument when two people contradict each other with both invoking revelation as their reason for believing what they believe. I mean, I have a devout Catholic family who live their lives according to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Who am I to tell them they're headed down the wrong path?
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    Perhaps I'm the last person to know this since I don't have a missionary in the field yet? I just stumbled upon the Church's "Missionary Portal". While the actual portal is reserved for missionaries, I thought it was worth sharing for future missionaries and parents/guardians of future missionaries. This image caught my eye: 1. Check list of things still to do 2. Countdown clock 3. Profile etc. https://missionary.lds.org/en/home/default.html
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    In the MTC, yes. My son sits for lunch with his best friend that was going to another mission with a different language in the MTC. He is also in a district with other missionaries that are going to different missions but have the same language. In the field - there wouldn't be another missionary in there that is not in their mission and they can only call their family. For him to be able to talk with his friends, I would invite them to the house when my son is expected to call because we usually talk to him on video chat and so we just set up our webcam with all of us in it. They wouldn't be talking to another missionary from another mission unless they are instructed by their mission presidents to call them for whatever reason. But, they would be going to conferences and temple trips outside of their mission (there's no temple in their mission) and be in contact with missionaries outside their mission then who are also attending the conferences or temple ordinances.
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    My thoughts completely. Where does the party go in 2024? Who can follow Trump?
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    I voted for McMullin as a protest vote in 2016 (for anyone concerned relax Trump won Indiana by over 19 points and was polling that way before the election so there was no risk☺) . But I wouldn't vote for Bloomberg or any Democratic candidate because even the most moderate of them is strongly pro choice. I'm pretty conservative though, and I was happy about Trump's judicial appointments. I bet Bloomberg would appeal to moderates and some disaffected Republicans a lot more than Bernie. I still think he's just going to divide the moderate vote more and let Bernie win but we will see what happens on Super Tuesday.
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    My point was certainly not to criticize you or your family. I just didnt' like the trailer, or for that matter the whole idea behind making it. It's as if our entire society has embraced ADHD as a cultural trait. As a people, we refuse to read or watch anything that is not sufficiently sexed up in entertainment value. I personally find it distasteful, though I'm certainly not untouched by such societal trends. I am sure that God does not feel any such disgust toward our cultural weaknesses, because he's, you know, God. But I am likewise sure that God feels sorrow at our collective regression in emotional maturity, of which our overall taste in movies and music and our insistence on external entertainment and the theatrical cues and tropes associated with that sort of thing is merely one example.
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    Bloomberg is basically a Trump that might actually act and talk smart/presidential. This could really go either way for the Dems. It could be good because I think he would be a big hit with swing voters and moderate Republicans who like Trump's economic policies but not much else about him. He could also sink the Dems because I find it hard to believe that Bernie bros and black voters would show up to vote for him. A Bloomberg win in the primaries would also further the narrative that the DNC is corrupt and that nominations can simply be bought by the highest bidder.
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    Official Trailer has been released now General Conference 2020*. This will be a must see event. *Okay, not official but still a neat trailer.
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    Here is another interview with the author: and here is his conversion story: It is on my “to read” list
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    Executive Secretary

    I've been Exec Sec. These guys are used by the Bishop in ways that help individual bishops the most. Keep them on time and on track. They will often keep track of kids up for baptisms, priesthood advancements, yearly mtgs with youth, people who need temple recommend interviews, and will call folks up and make appointments for them to see the Bishop. Or when the bishopric wishes to extend a calling, they'll often contact the folks and arrange an interview. They attend bishopric meetings, run agendas, track agenda items, and can act as record keeper for disciplinary councils.
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    Executive Secretary

    Interesting. Everyone in my ward just talks to the Bishop when they want to meet with him. I've never heard that you're supposed to talk to the executive secretary first.
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    The trinity = the family

    Not remotely. Just some folks whom are LDS Christian. No!! God never forces anyone in any aspect. Eve and Adam both made their choice, of their own free will. Such free will (used for good or ill) is central to everything.
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    Dr T

    Lakers continued

    Congrats to your double OT win over the clips.
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    Was Cain the son of Serpent ?

    But people and snakes cannot reproduce!
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    I saw a Bloomberg ad while waiting for a Ben Shapiro video to load the other day. It was quite an amusing juxtaposition.