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    New facebook group

    I wanted to invite all of you to join a new facebook group that I started today. It will be a great way for all of us to stay connected away from the forums. It's called Latter-day Saint Hangout https://www.facebook.com/groups/456036979095609
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    President Nelson vaccinated

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    Temple Lot

    Agreed. The Church of Christ, Temple Lot owns the parcel where the footprint of the original building was to have stood. I rather wonder what we would do with such a temple, when we got one. The construction plans revealed to Joseph Smith wouldn’t make a building that was suitable for what we traditionally know as “temple work”; and we have larger and better facilities for gatherings. IIRC the original platte for the city of Zion called for twenty-four “temples” all on that plot, for a variety of purposes. It strikes me that what Joseph Smith had in mind was probably a headquarters campus with a variety of office/administrative/assembly/liturgical structures, all genetically called “temples”.
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    Wokeness in schools

    This was in Meridian magazine today. (Is it OK to repost here? There is an acknowlegement of where the article came from. ) I only read about half of it before I felt compelled to send it to my daughter with five kids. Is this where we're going as a nation? I'm so uncomfortable with this! Luckily my two youngest kids are 11th and 12th grade and moving on to conservative colleges. But I fear for the education my grandchildren will face. The oldest of eight of them (from three families so far, with hopefully many more to come) is in 5th grade. Their mom is homeschooling this year since their district is closed, then open then closed about every three weeks. Looks like the rest coming up the ranks are going to face some "re-programming" if they attend public schools. This makes me sick!! (Katie Couric, I used to like you. ) I see the only alternatives to public school as being home school, private Christian school- depending on their curriculum or finding the rare charter school that is grounded in conservative values. We sent our youngest to a charter school in Idaho that was fantastic but then we had to move. Is there any way to stop this? https://latterdaysaintmag.com/ultra-woke-illinois-mandates-are-top-threat-to-u-s-education/?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=scot-maurine-proctor&utm_content=Thursday+21+January
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    Mother butting in

    "Mom, you know I love you, but I'm not giving you my bishop's phone number so you can tell him how to do his job." Then change the subject and don't talk about it any more.
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    Something great happened to me today. I won 2nd place in the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes! Here is the voice mail I got: "Congratulations you are second place winner with the publishers clearing house. Please feel free to call the claims office at 347-4**-6*** that is 347-4**-6***. Please have your confirmation number 1108 US. Thank you and have a marvelous day." Yeah. It's a scam. I never entered the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. It made laugh looking at the voice mail.
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    President Nelson vaccinated

    I for one appreciate him getting it and making a to-do of it. I have heard so many awful and blatant lies and intentional misinformation about vaccines, even members of the church considering them so spiritually evolved they condemn those who do vaccinate. I think it's good for the Prophet to stand up for truth even in something probably so worldly as a vaccine.
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    Temple Lot

    So, actual survey markers endured. Interesting. What I was talking about was something like this: What I saw had writing on each square to indicate what type of building was supposed to be there. But this version seems to only indicate farmland. I wish this image was detailed enough to make out the writing. I've been doing enough indexing lately that I could read just about any cursive. But it has to at least stand up to magnificaiton. And this doesn't. Most LDS city layouts are at least based on a 1/2 mile grid (Major streets at 1 mile, intermediates at 1/2 mile). That would make this layout a WHOLE lot bigger than the current grassy area. But I notice that the central row is a bit taller than the other rows. That indicates something special along that line. This gives room for the idea that the temple proper may be built there, but perhaps a different, but still important building will be placed on the top of the hill.
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    Temple Lot

    I certainly hope you will. And could you have him throw in a jar of kim chi as a signing bonus? Dang it all! You get my hopes up and then you crash them to pieces.
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    Temple Lot

    Much like how BYU is a collection of "temples of learning." That's an interesting take. But it may very well be like BYU. The classrooms were used as chapels on Sundays. Maybe what you term to be "generic temples" are actually temples that will be used for other purposes as well. I wish I could find that city layout again. There is no way that it could fit in that small plot. He had something else in mind. But I'm thinking that without actual dimensions on the paper, a lot of things were misinterpreted. Joseph received the image in a vision. But I don't think he had dimensions laid out. It may very well be that the small lot was for what we might term "the temple proper" and other buildings were support roles for the temple. But I see something much more complete. Can a city be designed to have all the regular operations of civil society AND convert the vast majority of those residences, offices, stores, factories, etc. to temples and churches during "off hours"? I believe it can. But each building would have to be designed for such multi-purpose functionality in mind. We still need to consider the concepts of "dedication" and "consecration" of these buildings. Can this be worked with? If the Lord wills it, there must be a way. But that's a big "IF". My primary question in the OP is: if the Saints were forced to leave the area, how do we know if this is the same lot? Was there a legal description that we still have? Supposedly the CoC owns the land. Did they have the original metes and bounds survey record? Do they have the original legal description? If, as @NeedleinA says, the early Saints didn't own the land, I don't know how they could have a record of it. It had to have been purchased at a later date (after the extermination order was considered obsolete). If a considerable time passed, how do we know it is the same location?
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    Nordic saint

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Yeah... if the vaccine was so dangerous, God would have stopped the prophet from doing it and even urge others to do so.... I'll get the shot
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    President Nelson vaccinated

    Reactions by Church Members due to the Prophet taking the Vax https://youtu.be/9pCyawtRENg
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    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    Must be where you live and what you eat. I make some pretty darn good enchiladas and tamales. I even rate them higher than some of the Mexican restaurants I've been to.
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    I have a family member that has come t the US legally (not immediate family member, extended family) who has not been able to become a citizen for over 5 years now. It would strike me as particularly cruel in a turn of fate if those who come in illegally gain immediate citizenship vs. those who try to go the legal route. On the otherhand, the US could have easier routes for those who wish to immigrate. There are reasons to be fearful of many of those coming from the South of the Border. They are coming from poverty and many are seeking a better life from it. I imagine if there were others of us that had the choice between seeing our children and families starve to death or trying to save them from that hardship, we would choose to try to cross over borders and nations anyway we could find. At the same time there is a vast amount of violence (in Honduras for example) which propagate a massive amount of suffering and death from the savage gangs and daily skirmishes they bring upon the citizens of the nations they reside in. Many are fleeing this violence in order to find a better life in a society they see as more stable. Unfortunately, many of them simply think they can travel and get a better life rather than changing their own families first. This has caused the rise of many of those same gangs found in those nations which cause such violence to be established in the US. In some of the cities in the Southwest and California there are areas where police now do not go as much and the threats are just as real as any of those nations South of the Border. Those immigrants have brought the same gangs and violence with them. Instead of changing, they simply brought it with them. They have brought the problem to us and with every new immigrant of that same mindset, brings us closer to that same anarchy found in their nations which they say they are fleeing. I don't have the solution to this problem. You want to be compassionate to those that truly want to immigrate to the US and want to be a benefit to our society, but at the same time if we do not screen the bad elements out, we eventually could become just like those nations filled with violence that they are trying to escape from. Bringing this full circle..of course, with the route that many are following currently in the US both on the Far Right and the Far Left, it may be that we create our own violence among each other soon enough. If we do not heed the wise counsel of our Prophets and Apostles (and honestly, almost all Americans are not members of the Church and not listen to the leaders of our church...but perhaps it would merely just take the members of our church to be an example first if nothing else) it could be that we devolve into such dissension that violence will continue rising among those who are divided in our nation.
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    Sad reality is, one reliable way to get a nation to fall, is to have lots of unassimilated undocumented immigrants. We're watching it happen in France and other European nations. You think the US multigenerational legacy of issues surrounding slavery and race are bad? How about areas where you "just don't go" because people are implementing Sharia law, and enforcing it with roving bands of machete-wielding enforcers. Google "beheadings in France", and make sure you scroll down enough to get a bunch of years of results.
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    FWIW, my main issue with Biden's plan (and most immigration legislation pre-Trump) is that they seem to reward illegal immigration (and I'm not talking about refugees or asylum seekers). What about those persons who want to migrate legally? The system is failing them and has been failing them for years, they are waiting patiently in their home countries for decades (which I think is absolutely ridiculous) and now laws will be passed to reward those who entered the country illegally. How fair is that? We are rewarding those breaking the law and punishing those who are being honest? And even though there are plans to reduce their waiting time, it will not be a priority. I don't know if there is a solution that can benefit/help all at the same time but this particular point bugs me.
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    Indeed... For example I am personally willing to help other individuals. But if one of those individuals has a history of threatening violence against people trying to help, well my religion and faith would excuse me from going over. My responsibly to stay alive for my family trumps, rendering temporary aid to a stranger. When we move this up to the macro scale and immigration it still holds. We help those we can. But those that are threats we do not, because it is not safe to do so. We have an obligation to protect those already here... the only way to do that is to vet those incoming. And large numbers make the vetting more difficult . To have this concerned be so toxicly twisted into pure selfishness and mocking and scorning of the poor an needy shows the fundamental dishonesty of the statement. A variation of this dishonesty is to claim that we think ALL immigrants are criminals and dangerous. We are not saying that they ALL are. We are saying that the odds are that small subset of them are, and that subset needs to be dealt with for the protection of all.
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    A perfect example of why this country is polarizing. One side demands that we treat every issue they think is important with utmost care and concern... Yet when the other side presents something they are concerned about, the response to attack the character of the person expressing the concern and strawmaning their statements and belief.