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    Progression between kingdoms?

    Is the idea heretical? Certainly it's not orthodox. Accepting the idea of eternal "progression between kingdoms" is basically teaching the Catholic doctrine of purgatory. I'd say that, for a Latter-day Saint, that must certainly qualify as heresy. Is the idea deadly? In my opinion: Absolutely. Together with other false doctrines espoused by some Latter-day Saints (e.g. "continuing mortality", aka "the baby resurrection"), this encourages a spirit of "don't worry about cleaning up your act now; you'll have plenty of time in future lives." That's just about as spiritually deadly an idea as I can think of. BONUS FACTOID: Only one 'k' in "McConkie".
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    Progression between kingdoms?

    Exactly 🙃 we are on the same page then
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    Progression between kingdoms?

    I've sometimes wondered about the efficacy of the above ^^ as a methodology for coming to know and understand God's character. Joseph taught that “It is the first principle of the Gospel to know for a certainty the Character of God” and it seems to me as if one way of learning about God's character is to study the choices and decisions He has made and to try and work out the values and motives that underlay them and the opportunities that were foregone by choosing X rather than Y. I suspect that if we study enough choices and decisions, and make it a thorough study, understandings and insights would begin to emerge that are not readily apparent through other methods of coming to know His character. I would be very interested to hear the thoughts of others about this.
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    Progression between kingdoms?

    And my point was, that it's not the "I want the celestial kingdom" that defines what you get, but rather the "I want to relax already" or "I want challenges and hard work to do" and that kind of want which will determine your worthiness. In other words, as has been said elsewhere, if you don't really want the life of an exalted being, you won't be doing those things here which qualify you for it. If you're going through the motions, following the rules, but your heart isn't in it, you won't make it. If your heart is in it, regardless of how often you fall, you'll make it. And wherever your heart is, that's the kingdom you'll both want, and qualify for. In other words, regardless of how much we don't know, each of us is already becoming a particular sort of person. IMO, people frequently claim to want things they don't really want (as much as other things - often laziness). Those things we truly want, we work for, we don't just wish for them. And they are in our hearts, minds, and efforts. Anyone who will reject the celestial kingdom will also never qualify for it, because it's way too much work to get there without it being completely in your heart, mind, and efforts.
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    Christmas Music

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    Impeach This...

    The funny thing is, LE talks like the young, engaging law professors I had at the U ten years back. But, as I suspect you well know, law professors tend to know an awful lot about a ridiculously narrow field—outside their expertise they’re worse than useless. But the ivory tower atmosphere gives them such egos that they are generally no longer able to tell when they don’t know what they’re talking about. But, it’s awfully fun watching full-law professors occasionally venture into courtrooms to try to practice law and then implode under the weight of reality and a judge who doesn’t revere them as a god.
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    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    @zil, we need your artwork, a picture of essential oils doing hard physical labor and reading the topic question in disbelief. "How DARE they?!"
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    Why Eternal Progression?

    Initial thoughts: I'm going to be living forever whatever happens. In the celestial kingdom, I'll be progressing throughout that time.
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    Where did you read that Charon's mass is roughly half of Pluto's? It is 1/8 of Pluto's and Charon is only 1.71 times denser than water. https://space-facts.com/moons/charon/ Charon isn't even remotely close to half of Pluto's mass and is much less dense. Most of Charon's mass is ice. Most of Pluto's mass is rock.
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    Do they work? Well... depends on what you mean by "it's working". Yes, essential oils work - if you're talking about what they're INTENDED to do (which may not be what you're EXPECTING to happen). Essential Oils is simply one of many homeopathic remedies in holistic medicine. Here's a reply I gave in another thread about homeopathic cures: If you're thinking of selling essential oils like Do Terra and all those other "Fad" outfits - yes, you can make money but you HAVE TO already know how to run a business and sell something like any other sales endeavor. If you're one of those many many people who think, oh, I'm going to sell essential oils while I ... take care of my brand new baby... or... in my spare time... or... as a hobby.... or... I don't like selling but talking to my friends about essential oils is not selling... or... etc. etc. you're going to lose your money. I just started a soap and candle making business that uses essential oils. My target income is $1,000 per month. It's not going to support my family but my husband supports my family. My soap and candle business is my answer to my mid-life crisis. Can I make my soap and candle business profitable enough to support my family? Yes. I am very sure of it. But it will be an 80-hour per week job at the onset until I get profitable enough to hire out. I can make a lot more money with a lot less time doing what I do best - programming on my computer.
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    Scents can remind you of...things...pleasant or unpleasant. These memories can help you cope with insomnia. I took neuroanatomy, not by choice, the area to do with scent weaves itself around the brain. Does some scent have a pleasant memory for you? Pumpkin spice? Peppermint? Lavender? Easy to find out. Go to a bulk barn or winners and sniff the bottles. Put a bit of that scent on your pillow, ban work/news/worry from the bedroom and the scent can help soothe you.
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    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    As a new member, I don't spend time reading the anti stuff. I never have. I've often thought, though, if people put as much time into learning about Christ and his Church as they do tearing it down once they leave, they'd never have left. Let's face it. Being a member of the Church isn't exactly easy. It would be so much easier to just agree that it was false and walk away. That just wouldn't be the truth, though, and I'd always know it.
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    LSU won. So I'm sad. Georgia lost, so I'm happy. (Sorry JJ, I know you are a Bulldog fan. My dad worked at a company in Georgia that was split between Tech/UoG fans...they'd give me trouble all the time!)
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    Is it really coming to this?

    In case my drawing skills are too poor, or the logo too unfamiliar....
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    Mary’s age

    It's time to face it: The church in meridian times is not transparent. The official narrative says nothing about Mary's age. The church literally buries any other sources that state her age. The source that traveler cites has entire chapters missing! The meridian church has whitewashed its history!
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    Christmas Music

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