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Dear friends whom with I have now long associated,

It is with regret that I have made the difficult decision to abandon this forum. There are a variety of reasons I've made this decision but the primary one is that the More Good Foundation and the progressive, false, mistaken lean of so many of their articles has made me more and more uncomfortable. I am, indeed, deeply uncomfortable with some of them and have considered leaving before accordingly. Deeply, deeply uncomfortable. I have to follow my conscience.

I do love the association and the discussion when it is doesn't turn nasty. The times it does turn nasty is the other reason I've made this decision. I've backed way off on my involvement from years past partially because of the nastiness. But part of that, I knew, was my fault, and something I had partial control over. The articles I have no control over.

I will check my private messages now and again for a few months. If any of you want to stay in touch otherwise then PM me and we can friend on Facebook or something. But I have simply become too uncomfortable in this particular house to continue dwelling here.

And, yes, I am writing this in a snit. I don't expect it will do any good, and many, many more would need to join me in the abandonment before it might do any good -- though I suspect that it might not even then. Apparently the More Good Foundation, without change of leadership, is going to continue down this path. I consider that path highly insidious and destructive. There's been hardly a constructive article written in the past few years. That which isn't harmful tends towards trite and shallow.

Because it is difficult for me to leave things hanging and not reply, which would defeat the idea of leaving -- I likely won't read or reply to any comments here in this thread.

It is, truly, a difficult thing for me to just walk away. But I feel I need to. And all I can do is that which I feel is right.

See you on Facebook if you like.



P.S. Those of you who weren't my friends and held no charity or kindness for me -- well...I wish you well too. But regret the parting slightly less, if I'm honest. ;)

P.P.S. I'll still be at the get-together at Tucanos and look forward to seeing those of you who are attending.

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I’m also sorry to see you go, Folk Prophet.  I’ve always found your posts to be interesting and thought provoking. However, I understand where you’re coming from, as I have also found myself coming to this forum less and less for the same reasons you stated.  It’s been a long while since I’ve bothered to read an MGF article, as I have grown tired of their liberal leanings.

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I get your reasons and your decision.  

Imma stick around and be a thorn in the side of those who would destroy the church from within.  I figure when it comes to MGF authors, they are acting out of the usual idealistic clueless ignorance that goes with being a college student learning about English and journalism.  And I figure their notions are best addressed out in the open, with them writing articles, and folks responding.

If I ever think the folks who pay for/run/own this place have nefarious goals, I'll change my tactics.  But for now, silencing my voice isn't what I think is in the best interests of this place. 

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Many many years ago I was approached by some friends to become involved in the internet and help them.  A talk radio personality by the name of Dr. Laura had created a web site in connection with her radio show and no the web site has a section with open forum for "religious" discussion.  I decided to make an attempt to help.  The problem was that there was a great deal of anti-LDS within the religious community using Dr. Laura's forum and a lot of misdirection going on concerning our church doctrine.  That was the primary problem at the surface.  There was a deeper problem.  I would call it an intolerance of differing points of view.

I spend about 3 months lurking in the forum and saving posts before responding to anything.  I discovered several things about the internet.  First and foremost was that a lot of posters were not really what they claimed to be.   I decided that rather than get into slug fests of words - that I would take the approach of "Why do so many religious (Christian) individuals judge others harshly?" and why is there so much false witnesses against others - rather than letting others speak for their own beliefs?  After posting for a while - I began to think the hardest thing to deal with on the internet are angry jerks.  A jerk is an angry someone that greenlights anyone they disagree with.  Greenlighting is a control method pointed at others with blame or excuses for your own actions or choices.  Most prominent is blaming others for making you uncomfortable and angry.

It is my opinion that no one makes anyone else angry or uncomfortable.  Such things are an individual choice.  From his previous post I very much doubt that @The Folk Prophet will see this post - Mostly I regret not knowing TFP outside of the internet (sorry I could not make the gathering).  I also do not know much about the More Good Foundation nor do I know anyone that champions it - if someone I know does - I have not know that they do.  It is quite possible that TFP includes me as a problem (though he did not say so).  If this was the case - I am sorry.  I had no such intent.  

My primary internet intent is two fold:

#1. To provide a point of view that seems to be missing or misunderstood.  Not always or necessarily my own. 

#2. Encourage an attitude of learning outside one's comfort zone.

I am of the opinion that truth is the most uncomfortable to those that do not seek it.  And that lies do not rattle someone that is familiar with truth.


The Traveler

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