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Wonderful news! It is such a blessing to be sealed as a couple and family. It is my greatest comfort. As a child I found comfort in knowing we were an eternal family after my father died in a tragic accident. As a mother I find comfort in knowing our daughter is sealed to us, and we are an eternal family. She died in an accident at the age of 19. IMO, there is no greater blessing.

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Hey hey hey!!!  That's awesome!

I'm going to take this opportunity to bear to you my testimony of the Sealing ordinance as God ordained.  So, I was Catholic when I married my husband.  So we got married at the courthouse.  For 4 years, we struggled to be pregnant but, for some reason, it never happened.  In the meantime, I got baptized LDS in July 4 years into our marriage.  By December, I was pregnant.  One year later we got sealed and 3 weeks after that, my first son was born.  Born in covenant.  I believe with all my soul these things happened according to God's Plan.

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5 hours ago, unixknight said:

Mission Accomplished.


Unix Knight

Dressed in white

Went to the temple and got some light

With his wife

On his right

And the children in their life

What a sight!

Feels so right

Sealed by awesome Priesthood might

Congratulations brother, to you, your wife and your children. 

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