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    Time to get the ban hammer out again.
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    Dear @B.cole2 So sorry to hear this! Sending love your way! Got to say. Returned to church after my divorce. Never experienced the smallest crumb of criticism from ANYONE. Never. NOT EVER. Not a snicker. Not a frown. Not a sideways glance. Nothing. In a decade of attending church with a wide variety of people. Served in all kinds of positions: ward, stake, temple. US and Canada. I received total and complete acceptance from everyone without exception:male and female. Even those weird people from Utah (Just kidding! Total love ❤️). I was received with open arms by every living person even those who hate virtually everyone on the planet. Total love fest. Bishops, Stake Presidents and RS presidents accepted me unreservedly. My ward by the way has the reputation for being cold, cliquish and full of backbiting and the least friendly ward in the stake! - maybe...not my experience! No one, not even the people who criticize everyone, ever criticized me for being divorced or for anything! Total and complete acceptance from every living soul!
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    Lack of appreciating pineapple pizza - gateway drug to apostasy.
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    Could not agree more! Can CNN and NBC possibly be that stupid? Do they really not understand how impeachment works? Do they not get that there is a country to run and that having politicians focused on impeachment rather than running the country is an extremely dangerous distraction? If you do not like the party or president in power, start working on the next election. Focusing on impeachment because an unpleasant person has been elected is childish. Get over it. You lost the election. Move on. I stopped watching CNN and NBC. I feel insulted by their lack of respect for the intelligence of their viewers.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the incredibly hard times in your life right now, @B.cole2. My heart and prayers go out for you and your daughter. As to returning to your home ward: you and your daughter are always welcome. Walking closer with God during this heart wrenching time can be a balm. You don't need to talk to anyone about the divorce, or where your daughter's father is. You are completely the boss of who gets to know anything. If one of the people in your ward (unrighteously) judges you, that's their problem, not yours. Never mind what any mortal sinner thinks, going to church is about you walking closer with Christ.
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    Why Vintage Computing?

    There are quite a few Sundays when I don't even bother turning my phone on. Pretty much everyone I want to talk to on Sundays is either at home or at the chapel and since I'm going to be in both of those places, I can talk to them face to face. And I still bring my paper scriptures to church.
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    Is your child really brain damaged?

    May I vent here? I feel I'm giving too much to another group. This is pro vaccine. Sorry and stuff. Why are parents claiming their children are brain damaged without giving actual proof? I see this claim time and time again. Vaccines gave my kid brain damage. Ok, I believe in vaccines but I also believe injuries happen. Tell me more. They have nothing more to tell. No diagnosis, no medical documentation of any kind, not even specific behaviors of their child. Is the new cute joke trend? Raise your kid to think he's brain damaged?
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    By strictest definition this is correct, the toxins added to specific vaccines would be more accurately referring to components such as pertussis toxin which the whooping cough vaccine introduces so that the individual receiving it can deal with the toxins produced by the pertussis bacteria as one example. Elemental poisons such as certain metals would more accurately be referred to as toxicants, but in common language they are often simply called toxins by many, although not technically the most accurate term. Kind of like poison and venom often being used interchangeably although not technically accurate either. As an interesting aside, one of the main differences distinguishing venom from poison is the route of administration. When a toxin is ingested it would be considered poison, although poison can also encompass non-biological elements as well. When a toxin is injected by biting, it is venomous. Perhaps it would be accurate to refer to bacterial toxins injected via vaccines as venomous but the metals would still just be injected poisons because venom also refers to biological origin as well, but poison is more encompassing.
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    New Zealand Prime Minister

    There is no libertarian slant to excuse being pro-choice. At least not while following the prophet.
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    This is about judging parents who claim things without proof. There is a difference between what your family want through and a family teaching their child they are brain damaged without proof or even evidence
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    Captain Marvel and the press

    By the way,
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    I’m gonna take this opportunity to vent too. So this 16-yr-old thinks he is a one-legged person. He lived one full year with his right leg wrapped and goes around in a wheelchair. He goes to the doctor and tells him - take out my right leg. The doctor sends him to the psych ward and notifies hus parents. Another 16-yr-old thinks he’s a girl. He lived one full year as a girl complete with hormone blockers. He goes to the doctor and tells him - take out my genitals. The doctor sets him up for trans surgery without notifying the parents. That is America today.
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    It might surprise you then that Protestants and Catholics share beliefs, as in the Trinity. What you seem to see as heretical may just be a different style of worship (liturgy) or a misunderstanding of Catholic belief. M.
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    Computer cord endings

    This is called a "D" connector. The number of pins compleats the type. So it looks like a 16 pin D male connecter. Depending on your configuration - it is possible that your connector is not standard, in which case you will need a "pin out" definition. If this is a monitor cable it is likely not all 16 pins are used. This can be checked with a common voltmeter. The other problem you are likely to have (if this is a monitor cable) is that you will most likely have more than the cable that is incompatible. You may not be able to find a computer (current vintage) capable of driving your monitor. Short of going to college and getting an electrical engineering degree - you may want to consider donating the cable and whatever it connects to Deseret Industries and attempting a tax deduction as your best possible economical alternative. But if you make over $250,000 per year this could be flagged in an audit - in which case do not exceed the maximum of $500 of non-coin donations. And now I am thinking I am getting into the too much information domaine. The Traveler
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    @Madam_Mim, I majorly appreciate the self honesty of your posts here (this and many others).
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    The problem with release time is the Church does not control it.... the schools do. The schools have to allow the students to attend during school hours. Complaining that the church will not "allow" release time is to focus your ire on the wrong target... It is your local school that is not allowing release time, it is your local School board that you need to go yell at... But as with any local politics you have to show that it benefits to them or the local community at large is more then the effort it takes to make it happen (Which usually does not happen if the LDS numbers are small) Since this problem boils down to a numbers problem that is were the churches focus should rightly be... And the church's missionary work is its response
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    It is a matter of perspective. Some (definitely not all, and probably not a majority) of those in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have what you may consider a mythology in relation to Heaven, the Earth and a conflict between the forces of good and evil. IN this, a war broke out in heaven between Good (those who supported the Lord) and Evil (those who supported the adversary). This war did not end. The adversary and a third of heaven were cast down, but they still are able to be on this earth, and on this earth, this war continues. Think about a war. It is nasty. It is terrible. It has different sides. We still choose sides in this war. It is a war with battles and ideas. Some believe that it is still a physical war with physical consequences in this world. Sometimes people still choose sides, and there are strategies and tactics that continue. The spiritual battle becomes a real and physical war. In this, it gets complicated. You have all this as creations of the Lord, but at the same time, some of those creations are furthering the side of his enemy, while there are those of his that he uses to combat those who are helping the side of his enemy. As any commander, his first goal is to protect the ground he already has, or to keep the volity or sanctity of his troops pure. Thus, this is what you see in a majority of the battles and wars of the Old Testament. It is a spiritual war becoming a physical reality in our world between the forces of the Lords and those that oppose the Lord's people. It get's crazier. We view death as the end of life and existence. From the Lord's perspective, this is not so. Death is merely another point of existence. To put it similarly, life could be us in School, death is when we leave School and the afterlife is seeing what we can do with what we did (whether we never graduated high School, got a college degree, got a graduate degree, went to tech school, etc). Having us leave school is not actually that big of a deal, it's not the end of existence as we might view it in this life. Thus, when he sees death and killing it is not as we see it, or the end of existence. In some cases, it may even release those from pain and suffering in this life. Sometimes, if one is going to far on the side of the enemy, it may even be a time out, or way to get them to come to their senses rather than desert to a foe that could care less about them. However, it is STILL a WAR. In that light, I also view that all sickness, and many ailments and evils that afflict us (and children and innocents especially) are caused by the enemy, or the spiritual adversaries to heaven (those opposing the Lord). We see in the Book of Job that the illness isn't something that the Lord creates and causes to occur on Job, but something the adversary does to him. This leads to the question of WHY the Lord allows this to happen? IF he loves us, why does he allow such things to occur. This is another items of Mythological thought you may have in regards to the Church. We believe we are Children of a Heavenly Father. He LOVES ALL his children. If you have ever had children fight, what do you do? Do you instantly kill the child you think is guilty? That would be horrible and terrible. A loving God will not do that to his children either. He does not instantly condemn his children to non-existence or to a place without his light. So, we have this war between his children. He gives a LOT of lee way. I feel this is why the adversary and 1/3 of the hosts of heaven that followed him are still here. Their Father will not totally abandon them until they have gone the full measure of rebellion to the point where there is no hope they can ever be redeemed or saved. Just like we would with our children, until they become full on criminals we probably do our best to protect them and help them, even when they are fighting with their brothers and sisters. When viewed from a temporary view where life begins and ends in this earth, it seems incomprehensible. When viewed that this world and this life is a mere instant compared to the eternities, and that it's akin to a year in school or less (maybe even just a day in school), and that he is basing his judgments and doings on the scale of eternity rather than just this life, it becomes a little easier to accept (though probably still very hard to understand for many). Now, this is NOT a thing believed by many of our Members, and it may even be a very small minority. For that minority or group that does, though it may be a mythology to you, it is actually a religious belief and theology for me and others. It explains why bad things are happening in this world to a small degree, as this world is but a small moment compared to the eternities of this conflict that is going on around us. The pain, the sickness, the ailments that seem random are not so, but weapons used against us by a force that hates us with all they possess. It is not the Lord who is doing it, but our enemy. It is allowed, ironically, because they are also the children of God, and as such, are also loved just as he loves all his children. Ironic, but it can be viewed as a larger and greater extension of what we see in our own homes when our own children fight and squabble amongst each other, but on a greater and larger scale.
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    Media credibility in the age of Trump

    Because that's not the process. You're right, it's going to be released at some point. And depending on how much is redacted, the report should be able to speak for itself. If Congress feels that parts of the report were unclear or that parts were redacted that they need information on, they can subpoena Mueller. As for the difference between Barr and Buzzfeed, one was giving an interpretation of a report that will eventually be made more clear. The other was mischaracterizing elements of an ongoing investigation. It's not Mueller's job to say how the facts of the investigation should be used. Russia has taken a direct interest in Syria, and Trump's statements and actions around Syria seem to line up more with Putin's interests than our own. That should be of concern to anyone with the words "America First" in their vocabulary. Technically, Russia doesn't even break the top 10 on a list that includes Italy and Brazil. They're up there, but there's at least 9 countries that are more economically attractive than Russia while also being less politically hostile. But that's not the point. Again, his business dealings pre-2016 aren't a concern. Communication between his presidential campaign and the Kremlin, on the other hand, should raise red flags. And that's where his business dealings become of interest. We already know that the campaign was in contact with Russia. The lingering questions are, "Did they break the law?" and "How much did Trump himself know?" I'd imagine that having a business-savvy potential ally in the White House could drum up some cooperation under the right circumstances. And those last four words are the root of our concerns. What can Trump do as president to help his business dealings in Russia that he wasn't able to do as a private citizen? Pull military presence out of Syria? Make 13 indictments disappear? Hillary's not the president. If she ends up being investigated, you won't see me complaining about it. But personally, the guy with the launch codes is the bigger concern.
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    We could take extremes both ways. You'd vote for someone who wants to starve poor children and dance on top of their corpses. Are you so willing to overlook child killers who make a mockery of their deaths? Yeah...ridiculous statement... You paint anyone who is running Against Bush as someone supporting your policy above? Really? Not even going in regards to the opposing party...some of his Fellow Republicans who dislike Bush probably would dislike you characterizing them as such...just for starters. Next, many democrats don't support such ideas or policies... And your statement is a poor characterization of the actual policies in the first place... But works perfectly at trying to characterize it in a certain or specific manner. You realize Trump was a Democrat...before he wasn't. Right?
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    I agree with you about the impeachment idea especially. It's almost as if many on the far left seem to have forgotten that having to impeach a president is a horrendous thing for the country to go through (see Nixon), and act like it would be something to celebrate. Plus it's amazing that many in the country who should understand how the government works, don't seem to understand that you need the House and 2/3 of the Senate to remove a president. The Republicans were unable to get a supermajority to remove President Andrew Johnson, one of the worst presidents in history, even with extremely favorable political conditions, and you are not going to get 2/3 of the Senate on board in this climate.
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    This post doesn't ring true. Anyone else get the feeling that the hook with its worm are being pulled along enticingly in front of us? There you go. Truthful words often hurt when we don't want to change. That's part of the challenge of humility. Do you see a problem with this—engaging in a sacred ordinance that you have been explicitly told NOT to engage in by him who holds the keys of determining such things? Temple recommend interview? Are you serious, Junior? You need desperately to get your life in order and get back on the tracks before you even consider scheduling a temple recommend interview. Wait at least until your broken leg is set before you sign up for the 10K. What do you think repentance is, Junior? Do you think it's a checklist of things you run through and then you're forgiven? You IMPREGNATED your girlfriend. This is a major thing. It changes your life and everything about it. You have created life with a woman who is not your wife. This is not a minor indiscretion; it's a huge deal. Your legalistic picking at whether you've been "forgiven" or not is so wrong-headed that I am having difficulty finding words to express how wrong you are. Quit worrying about going to the temple soon. Quit worrying about how "unfair" you think the bishop is being. Humble yourself! Do whatever the bishop instructs! Quit "defending" yourself! Open your heart, drop the bad attitude, and get your life straightened out. For some reason, this is extremely hard for you to see, but it's crystal clear to all of us on the outside.
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    It seems to me that this might be a mechanism to motivate dad to go. "Ok, you can stay home, but I'm leaving the baby with you while I go." He'll either go for it, which leaves you free to take the Sacrament, hear the talks, feel the Spirit, etc. Or he will come along because some dads just get squeamish about being alone with the baby for a couple hours. Either way, it's a winner for you. How come going alone would be worse than bringing the little one?
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    Absolutely! A perversion of the most devilish strain. Must be wiped out! Bonfire of the Vanities! Where is my rack and thumbscrews?
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    Name checks out.
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    Why Vintage Computing?

    Time to change your avatar.