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    Conversion Stories

    I loved reading all your stories, thank you all so much, its really encouraging. I adore how those raised in the mormon church still consider themselves converts, it really speaks to my heart and I think its a wonderful way to approach faith, not just accepting everything because its what you were born into.
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    Hi You just need an account to purchase garments online, I minister to a less active sister who does this and I am based in the UK. If you have any problems I am sure the Bishop will send a Brother to help you, you just need to give him a shout
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    My parent didn't pay for our college/University but we all have degrees or certs, I think except the youngest two. I don't hate them for not paying for my schooling. It really helped me that Queen's parents paid for hers cash. When we got married I quickly paid off my debt and that was that. I think it just depends on the relationship you have with your children. Do you think they are worth the investment? Will the favor be returned? (not getting put in a nursing home against your will down the road) Just depends I suppose. It is pretty standard for middle class and above families to help their children pay for school.
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    Savings for your child’s college

    Welcome, @Manners Matter!
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    Book on corruption of the Bible

    *** Trigger Warning*** I was always told the Catholic church compiled the books to make the first Bible and it was modified again to what we have today. One of the early Bishops called by Christ left the Church and helped to start what is today known as the Catholic Church. I have no idea if this is true or not. My Grandparents on both sides of my biological families converted to Mormonism from Catholicism. So I am not sure if they were biased against the Catholics. I remember studying up on it many years ago. At the moment I am not really in the mood to look it up again. A polygamist relative of mine has told me the LDS church is the "whore" of all the earth, corrupting the truth. Haha so at this point I don't really care who the harlot is, the whole world is a mess and all Christians need to come together.
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    My parents paid for the first year for myself and my siblings, then the rest was up to us. Although they did allow us to live at home if we chose to go to our hometown university.
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    Favorite Films & Shows

    The best scene in Les Mis is the end of the Epilogue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGHJ7iqHMW0
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    Favorite Films & Shows

    I think so, there is no swearing and not many adult themes. My wife and I find it good
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    Latter-Day Marriage

    Stake president

    I'm not sure what there is to fear if the go to their own bishop and inform him of what they know. He is required to keep it confidential. If the SP is a member of a different ward, the Bishop will pass the information on to the Bishop of the SP, and since this is a SP that Bishop will likely take the matter to the Area President and the matter will be investigated. There should be nothing to fear in terms of repercussions to the OP, the SP should never find out they were the one that went to the Bishop.
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    Book on corruption of the Bible

    I've never heard of anyone narrowing it down to a named person or organization as we currently define "organization". I think we only know that it was "that great and abominable church" - which has been defined as those who do Satan's bidding or as those who fight against Christ. I'm also not aware of a book discussing specific biblical corruptions, but it seems like the JST version of the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, are the best sources for learning to recognize it. I can't really remember reading about the organized, planned, editorial manipulation of the Bible as your quote describes, but the idea doesn't surprise me. In fact, the notion of it not happening is what would be surprising. If you plan to use religion for something other than (or even in addition to) preserving the true doctrine of Christ, manipulating the Bible seems like a logical step in your plan.
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    I hope you're right. I'd definitely wouldn't hate seeing Leonard in a Celtics uniform. Though you have to consider what will happen next year when he becomes a free agent. All signs point to him wanting to play in LA once the decision is his to make. Will Boston or Philly make the trade of the year to acquire a player coming off injury who probably won't stay past 2019? I can't help but be skeptical. I also wonder about the prospect of him being traded to the Lakers. On the one hand, it behooves the Spurs to make a trade this year and get some good compensation for his departure. On the other hand, would we be willing to trade him to a conference rival who will in all likelihood also be going after LBJ and Paul George? One thing is for certain, next week will be the start of a very interesting FA session.
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    Once you are endowed, you are covenanted to wear your garments. You can, therefore, buy garments from Church-approved stores. Nothing else matters, not even a temple recommend. An expired recommend does not release you from your covenant. The only time you may not have garments is when the Bishop tells you not to wear garments. If you can't get garments from the online store, use the Contact Us button and have somebody help you.
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    Nope. You can still buy garments with an expired recommend. Also when purchasing online you just need your membership number so they can verify that you had your endowments. You seem very grumpy for some reason and you don't "Need" long John thermal type, you WANT long John thermal type. Unless you are trying to emulate the original garment pattern. Which, by the way, also only used three frontal ties to close them. All current garment patterns are holy and authorized by the Lord. Even the tight athletic cuts. Anyway, I hope things get better with your buying situation.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind replies. Your optimism is starting to rub off on me! One foot in front of the other and aiming to keep walking into the chapel on Sunday.
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    Conversion Stories

    I was born in the Church, but not necessarily raised in it. The missionaries found my parents in the seven years between their marriage and my birth. My mom has since told my sister she never really had a testimony. My dad was excommunicated for cheating on my mom, they divorced, and I have a sister from another mother. (Her parents never married.) He was rebaptized my senior year of high school. Growing up, church was something we did if we had nothing else better to do. I ping ponged between being active and inactive until the spring my junior year of college. One of the reasons I liked my college campus was that, even though it was a Catholic school on a hill, there was an LDS stake center at the bottom of it. Growing up, it had been a thirty minute drive to church; now it was a fifteen minute walk. Even so, I struggled acclimating. There were no single's wards, and I was young. I moved into the dorms on my 18th birthday, so my first Sunday in RS was in a ward where I didn't know anyone. The winter of my junior year, my depression got the best of me and I was struggling with a lot. Probably in March, one of the girls on my floor came down the hall and said someone had called her room phone looking for me. She lived in the room I had lived in my freshman year, which was the phone number I used on Church records, so I knew that it had to be someone calling from there. Turns out it was the ward mission leader. I guess they were doing a directory clean up (my name would have been towards the top) and he asked if he and the missionaries could come over and visit me. My dad had been a branch mission leader for a time (and is one now) so I had a hard time saying no to missionaries. They invited me to General Conference (the next weekend) and to read the Book of Mormon. I went to the afternoon session on Sunday and kept going, and was called as a secretary in the Relief Society before school let out for the summer, which played a large role in my deciding to stay on campus that summer instead of going back home (where I would have lived with my mom and not gone to church). About a year into being back at Church, we had this lesson, which starts with President Spencer W. Kimball feeling motivated to read the whole Bible. While reading that lesson on my break at work, I realized "I've never read the whole Book of Mormon, either." I decided to start. I made incredibly slow progress in my reading, but prioritizing the Church, I decided to move to Omaha instead of back home after college. I started attending Institute, and it was following President Monson's admonition to make Institute a priority that really helped me learn to make the scriptures my own. I'm a tough sell, though. The Swede and the Irish in me fight over who's more stubborn, and I don't always read and do the simple things I'm supposed to. Even though I know with both sides of my brain that doing so brings blessings in my life. Not only because the prophets say so, but because I've noticed and felt it when I was doing those little things.
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    Conversion Stories

    Hello VelvetShadow, My experience in the Church is that I was born under the covenant. My mother and father both found and were converted to the true gospel of Jesus Christ when they were in their early twenties. Their road to baptism was very different, unique and personal. The path by which they discovered the Church was also unique to both of them. When I served a mission I also discovered how unique and personal every persons road to conversion is unique to them also. For some they were converted through spiritual witness, others were converted by dreams, and others were converted through visions. My mother is what missionaries would call the "golden" investigator. From the time she met the missionaries to the time she entered the waters of baptism was three weeks. Her words, "The moment I heard it I knew it was true." As I delved in deeper with her, at least deep as she would allow, "The gospel answered all my questions that I found important at that time." I just spent some quality time with my father, and I learned more about his conversion. Needless to say he wasn't a golden investigator. Here are words from my father pertaining life in the gospel, "The first 15 years all my trials stemmed outside of the Church. After 15 years it seemed like everything switched and all my trials were inside of the Church." Being a member of the true gospel of Jesus Christ will not remove trials from us, but will provide added knowledge that will help with trials if we are truly listening. My mother is the only convert in her family of origin. My father was introduced to the gospel by his older brother. My father's sister joined later in life, and I believe was active before passing a few years back. That is wonderful you are reading the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about God's plan, have some doctrines clarified as it is used as a companion with the Bible your life and knowledge of Jesus Christ will increase with His Spirit. The Lord bless you.
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    Justice Kennedy stepping down

    Wow. Well, not sure how Trump can outdo Gorsuch, but here's hoping for Gorsuch 2.0!
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    What Ministering Really Is

    Based on the ministering interviews in my Ward, I don't get the sense that there has been a noticeable decline in visits (at home or otherwise). However, I have observed a marked increase in comradary within the new quorum and the Ward in general, as well as an outbreak of spontaneous kindness and generosity, not to mention several inactives who have recently returned to church. I find this very encouraging given that the program is relatively new and most of us are still trying to figure it out and get a more firm sense for how it is, or we are, supposed to operate. Perhaps that is part of the beauty of the less structured and nuanced program--i.e. our shared struggle towards discerning the solid and concrete makes us more mindful. Who knows? Thanks, -Wade Englund-
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    Laws vs Commandments

    I think the answer is similar to the difference between sinning and transgressing the law. Laws are natural rows that exist on their own and have natural consequences that follow after. ie If I murder someone, I naturally die spiritually transfressions are rules established by God that are not inheritly evil, but still carry weight and come with consequences prescribed by God If you eat this fruit I will remove you from that garden
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    Laws vs Commandments

    I recommend going back to the temple for an endowment session and listening very carefully to see what laws are mentioned (named as "law"), and when "commandment(s)" is mentioned. I think this may answer the question to a large extent. (I'm making this recommendation to myself as well.)
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    I do share you distaste for tattoos and am similarity dumbfounded for when I see people still getting tattoos after the prophets of God have been pretty clear on their stance that it is highly discouraged. I do, however, disagree with your judgement towards those with tattoos. First of all I don’t know that God would call a man who is actively doing something that is strongly discouraged by the brethren to be a temple officiator. But if I am wrong and I see a man officiating in the temple who is all “tatted up” and even know that he is continuing to add tattoos, I will sustain that man as an officiator with no further question. If God has need to increase the importance of not having tattoos and make it part of the temple reccomend process (which to some extent it already is per questions 4,7 and 8), He will do it through the appointed paths, not by a concerned member of the church.
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    am I right or am i overreacting?

    So you're saying romance can mean different things to different people but whatever I think is wrong? Cool. Here's a life lessons for you, kidddd. Some people don't care about others opinions and worry more about safe proofing their marriage and family.
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    am I right or am i overreacting?

    Personally after marriage that's my goal. Aside from being romantic !! it would defs deter people who want to be homewreckers.
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    This is the wrong question. The question is - why don't you trust him? If you believe that your husband has to drop friendships like a rock because the person has different standards than he does then you're in for a rough marriage. Especially if you're not Brazilian and he is. My husband does this Brazilian jiu-jitsu and their gym has several Brazilian women in there (I don't know why it is but I have yet to meet a Brazilian woman who is not super pretty). My husband is too big to be paired with women in open mat but the Brazilian guys in the gym aren't. And they "roll with" the Brazilian women all the time. These guys take being Italian to a higher degree - they do a lot of touchy-feely communication. I'm not sure if that's just the people at the gym or it's a common Brazilian trait. Anyway, if you think that your fiance is cheating on you - or could possibly be cheating on you - or will possibly cheat on you - or has questionable standards that are not aligned with yours - don't get married. Trust is an essential element in marriage and that only comes through knowing somebody well enough to be able to trust him - trust that he will uphold his marital covenants. My husband can "roll with" those Brazilian women in the gym and I wouldn't even bat an eye. I know my husband. He adores me and his children and wouldn't put either of those in jeopardy. I'm currently half-way around the world from my husband. I have complete confidence in our marriage.
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    am I right or am i overreacting?

    Hi myquestion and welcome. So you're marrying a Brazilian, who lives in Brazil. They tell me cultural standards can be sort of different in tropical areas where people dress less due to the weather and outdoor lifestyle. How do you know he wouldn't feel comfortable if you were facebook friends with beefy gym hunks who posted their workout pics? Have he specifically said he'd have a problem with that? But bigger than that - you're going to marry someone you have only actually spent five days with face to face? I know that isn't your question, but whoa, that has bad idea written all over it. You don't know this person - you just know his online persona. And that is not the same thing. Even the most uncontrolled serial cheater addict can act nice for 5 days.